Expertise in photography is an understatement when you are talking about Philippe Rikir. Photography is a gift which was handed over to Philippe from his time of manifestation on earth. This iconic photographer discovered his purpose at the age of 20.

Ever since he has lived out photography as a lifestyle and not just a profession. Philippe’s expertise in photography covers diverse areas of this particular profession including; portrait, people, beauty, fashion, landscape, and travel photography. Although, he does landscape and travel photography for his private work and exposition. 

 The continuous reinvention of self is a driving force for Philippe. So far, his jobs have been rated excellent internationally. This has gained him several referrals in his job, and without doubt, he is highly admired by individuals who have so far come across his photographs in one way or the other. 

 Philippe has been engaged in several international contests where he got selected and approved for his works. One thing Philippe is credited for is his willingness to connect with his client. 

He gives people the opportunity to access his studio and even makes reservations for their shots. You can come across a wild gallery of his work on his website ( and social media handles. Potential clients can contact him for a job at any time via his website and social media handles. 

Philippe is hospitable and ready to bring your earnest dreams to reality through photography. 

He is continually looking forward to work with new clients.

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